by - November 17, 2017

Who doesn't like ice cream, right?
Yes, i know this is not ice cream I'm holding
Last week I visited the wildly popular MUSEUM OF ICE CREAM. When I heard they're opening in San Francisco, I knew I had to go. So what is this place, you might be wondering right?
It's a pop up exhibition of art installations. There's a lot of opinions out there about the legitimacy of it as a museum, or some are saying it's just stupid etc, but for me I'm on the side with the other folks. It's a ridiculously entertaining place to go have fun with friends, have some ice cream, maybe even get inspired, and get some freakin cute pics for your gram. There I said it. 
This place screams PINK and MILLENIALS, also MILLENIAL PINK. San Francisco tickets are already sold out but they're now opening in Miami in the spring. There's about 10 or so rooms that are unique and have it's own thing going on, like sprinkle pool, gummy bear land etc.
My favorites were the disco ball hideout and the swings. 
I took so many pictures I'd ridiculous.




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