Palm Springs diary

by - April 18, 2018

If you haven't been to Palm Springs yet, I cannot recommend it enough. Palm Springs is an ideal place to getaway form your everyday routine and just relax. Chill by the pool, sunbathe and chill by the pool again. And if you get bored from that (I doubt it tho) head downtown and do some shopping at the cute little stores, or check out all the beautiful houses of Palm Springs. Ok that's all I have to say in terms of what you should do. There are far too many guides (I like this) and lists you can find online, so I won't bother.

As for me, we tried to do a little bit of everything without exhausting ourselves. 
Saguaro Hotel (reasonably priced compared to other boutique hotels, awesome pool, amazing service, highly recommend)
Ace Hotel pool is publicly accessible so you can check out their pool too.
Honestly you can't go wrong with food choices here. All of them are good! 
To do:
Drive by/bike through all the beautiful houses. There is a list of houses with maps out there but tbh i thought even some rando houses were cute too. You don't need a map, just be a lil adventurous but don't disturb the tenants.

For all I know, I'm already checking cheap flights from SF to come spend a weekend here. It is that relaxing. 

Saguaro Hotel

Entering Palm Springs

Lounge by the pool ( Ace Hotel )

El Jefe @ Saguaro Hotel ( bomb tacos )

Moorten Botanical Garden (all the weird cacti live here )
King's Highway ( come for dinner )

Honey I'm home ( jk, Elvis Presley honeymoon home)


All day pool day
Endless palm trees

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